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Too Stupid To Love?

If you’ve read enough romance novels, you’ve seen this particular heroine. The one who has been hurt so badly in the past by love that she will NEVER LOVE AGAIN. She can’t trust herself, because, obviously, she makes bad choices in men. Usually, she throws herself into her career determined to stay away from men. All men.

All of the men.

Meanwhile, there are pages and pages of inner turmoil because she is forced to work alongside, or otherwise socialize, with a (sucks in breath) man who curls her toes inside her work shoes. They flirt and she usually manages to fall into him at least once a chapter so that there is physical contact. Breathy thank-yous and bitten lips are peppered throughout the story.

About a third of the way in, there is an almost kiss. Half-way through, she admits to herself, and perhaps to others, there might be a way she can get over herself enough to get some hot action. But hot action is ALL it will EVER be because of THE PAST.

By the end of the book, she’s engaged.

Nope. Sorry. Can’t buy it anymore.

Aren’t we all a little scarred by our past relationships? If all relationships were magical and fulfilling, we’d marry before the 8th grade. Relationships are hard and the endings suck for everyone. But, in the morning, you put on your lipstick and face the world.

More and more, I’m finding it tedious to read about a twenty-something heroine who knows herself and the men so well, that she’s sworn off finding love. Forever. (What?)

I’d like to read more (and write more) about a woman who learns about what she wants and doesn’t want in a relationship with every disappointment.

She remains open to possibilities.

A story needs conflicts and obstacles, but they need to be more realistic than, “too stupid to love.”

Make her smarter about love. Then drop a piano on her head as she’s running out the door to meet the man of her dreams <-writing prompt.



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